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Paparoona is a digital publishing company founded by passionate artists, and storytellers. Our goal is to fully take advantage of the technology and art in order to make great eBooks which take full advantage of what tablets have to offer. Animation, sound effects, narration, fantastic illustrations, and great stories make up our books.

We want to re-create the moment you fell in love with books, with every page, illustration and animation.

Our vision is futuristic. We want you to experience stories in a whole new way. Through the digital media we are creating a medium between a paper book and its movie adaptation.

We want to re-create the moment you first fell in love     with books, with every page, illustration and animation. love image
There are many reasons why some books become classics: because they are great stories; because people can’t seem to stop reading them, because they touch us in some special way. Paparoona will bring back those beloved classics in a unique way that will transport the reader into the story itself.

We place a lot of weight on illustration to bring the best of a visual experience from our books. We collaborate with very talented illustrators that bring unique vision into our stories.

If you are a talented illustrator and would like to work with us please contact us at info@paparoona.com
Here at Paparoona, we are also interested in publishing original stories.

If you are a writer and would like to publish with us please contact us at: info@paparoona.com
We want to provide an atmosphere in which our readers will lose themselves in the story and what better way is there than to put the right sounds here and there or even provide a narration from professional voice actors.
Have a story to tell?
If you are a writer or an illustrator, your work can be displayed in fantastic new ways. We are interested in publishing your work. Contact us at info@paparoona.com
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